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Momina Mustehsan is one of the biggest stars to have actually come out of Pakistan, in the previous year. She has been all over from our television and radios to our signboards, and the world can’t appear to get enough of her. It looks like everything Momina touches goes viral. However, the Internet is a dark place, and it gets darker for individuals like Momina. Picture being a) A lady and b) A lady with sufficient star power to take on most things. That alone makes individuals uncomfortable, and they make no effort to hide that pain as they sit behind their keyboards to make individuals feel bad about their lives. Something similar happened to Momina today, but she wasn’t having any of it. Now we understand why you clicked this short article. a) It’s Momina Mustehsan b) you want to tell us to obtain over Momina. Which we won’t. So keep reading and so that you can fall in love with Momina., all over again. Let’s face it. We love Momina. We take pride in being MominaBaaz. We enjoy whatever she does. So naturally, a great deal of features of her excite us. And why shouldn’t they? Have you seen her?

We all have actually witnessed the Mahira Khan legend since her pictures were leaked in a backless attire and smoking a ciggerette while she was hanging out with the well-known Bollywood actor, Ranbir Kapoor, in NYC. From ciggerette being harmful to spiritual faith more than one’s health to Mahira Khan suddenly being the caretaker of the izzat of Pakistan, all type of unreasonable reasons have been gathering from all across Pakistan in reaction as the countries went bananas after the leak of the actress’s pictures. While the nation was busy shaming Mahira Khan, numerous fellow artists from the media market stepped forward in support of Mahira consisting of Momina Mustehsan who shot to fame last year after her appearance in the most significant musical platform of Pakistan, Coke Studio. Not long after Momina’s tweet, many people diverted their canon’s towards her and started slamming her for utilizing the word “Jesus” in her tweets. On the other hand, there were ladies who couldn’t swallow this supportive tweet that originated from Momina’s end as they had not forgotten her tweet about Qandeel Balouch not being the embodiment of women empowerment after Qandeel died a terrible death and the whole country understood exactly what she was fighting for and against in her life.

Soon after Momina’s tweet, many individuals diverted their canon’s to her and started slamming her for using the word “Jesus” in her tweets. On the other hand, there were females who could not swallow this encouraging tweet that originated from Momina’s end as they hadn’t forgotten her tweet about Qandeel Balouch not being the epitome of ladies empowerment after Qandeel passed away an awful death and the entire nation realized exactly what she was defending and against in her life. , “Pee Jaun was made by a dear good friend, Saad Sultan, over a Skype session. I included a bridge melody and composed some lines for the song. Farhan came on board later.” She even more said, “It was an honor, and was a great and very different experience, due to the fact that I recorded my parts of Pee Jaoun in my dorm room here in New York, and Farhan Saeed recorded his parts back in Lahore, where it was put together and mixed.” , “I was approached by Soch and they wanted me to include on their track without disclosing exactly what it was for,” she recorded the tune in her university dorm, “It was an incredibly casual procedure and I never satisfied anybody personally. I tape-recorded the tune on my own in New york city. The agreement was signed after the track had been lined up for release,.” On her futue endeavors she stated, “I’m always working on brand-new pieces. Music is a passion for me and not an occupation. I have a lot of time on my hands … I may be dealing with a Pakistani task later on this year. It’s something that I am thrilled about.”